Meet the Team

Therapy should be a safe environment to cultivate change + grow through life’s challenges. 


Our goals are to: 

• Help you identify any hurdles or challenges

• Remind you of your strengths 

•Encourage you to recognize your own wisdom + inner beauty 

• Collaborate with you through every step of the way


We appreciate that we are all unique + like the variations of different house plants, we all require individualized care. You are your own expert + we want to help you learn how to nurture yourself. While we can’t control life’s rainstorms, we can teach you new skills + help you to be gentle with yourself while you grow.

Heather Rafanello



Founder, Therapist

Level 1 Usui Reiki Practitioner

sees clients in NJ + FL

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Melissa Schwartzman



sees clients virtually in NJ

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