Therapy services are 100% virtual, allowing you to access your therapy appointments conveniently from the comfort + safety of your home, or office. Like most specialty practices, we are a fee for service provider, meaning that we are "Out of Network" with insurance plans.

Virtual outpatient services are currently only available in NJ, + FL, depending on clinicians licensure. 


*Affordable Therapy Rates*



Individual Therapy: $120

45 minute session


Couples Therapy: $140

45 minute session


Family Therapy: $170

45 minute session

Master's Level Intern

Our counselors-in-training offer a pay-what-you-can sliding scale, making mental health services accessible.

This allows many clients access to high quality mental health care, at a financially accessible rate.

Most insurance companies require a mental health diagnosis, and predetermine an allowable amount of therapy sessions ultimately taking autonomy away from our clients. We're giving you back the control over your care, while also offer rates lower than insurance co-pays.

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Out of Network Benefits:

We are an Out of Network provider. What does this mean? We're glad you asked: 

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We do require that you keep an active credit card on file to cover the cost of each session. Your credit card will be charged at the end of each appointment. If applicable, you may use your HSA or Flexible Spending card in lieu of your credit card.

Corporate Consulting + Counseling

We are trailblazing the corporate therapy space. We currently offer “in house therapy” contracts for numerous corporations where we provide employees with therapy services, workshops, + more. In addition to remediating mental health concerns, corporate therapists can provide in-the-moment support for employees to increase their productivity, longevity, + attitude in the workplace. Corporate therapy is available in all states. Contact for pricing

Community Events

Education is a powerful tool that has proven to be critical in preventing the development of mental health issues. In person workshops + presentations are available upon request. Common topics include mindfulness + gratitude, emotional regulation, eating disorders, body image, + more. Contact for pricing

Our founder, Heather Rafanello co-hosts the Mind Meets Body & Soul podcast. Mind Meets Body & Soul bridges the gap between Clinical Mental Health & Spiritual Holistic Wellness. Together, they’ll be discussing various wellness topics, while highlighting the connection between the mind, body, & soul. Whether you prefer the concrete research of Clinical Psychology, are guided by the teachings of Spirituality & Energetics, or find yourself somewhere in the middle, this podcast was made for you!
Find it wherever you stream podcasts, and on Instagram: @MindMeetsBodyandSoul 

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